Ewan Maddock Dam

Ewan Maddock Dam

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Ewan Maddock Dam is situated about 1 hour 25 minutes north from the Brisbane CBD.
The MTB trails here are XC style trails and are more suited to a beginner to intermediate rider as the area has very limited technical features.
The area would also be very suitable for a rider with low fitness levels or building fitness as the trails are mostly flat and pretty much circumnavigate Ewan Maddock Dam.
The ‘Ferny Forest Loop’ is a really cool loop that winds its way through sections of forest and the trail at times passes through ferns on each side of the trail which creates a great view and a seriously fun trail to ride.
As mentioned previously, Ewan Maddock Dam would be ideally suited to the novice to intermediate rider.

The day I rode EMD, I clocked up over 34 k’s, so It is an excellent place for a diehard XC rider to get in some extra k’s and to be able to push the pace along a bit through a fun and winding and very scenic trail.

There are toilet facilities at the parking area and shops & a service station only a few kilometres up the road.

A trail map is located via
Ewen Maddock mountain bike trail map - Nprsr.qld.gov.au

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