Underwood Park

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Underwood Park

Above is a location map of Underwood Park.
The new trail network is not yet on the mapping. But looking at the map above, these new trails are located in and around the blue dotted trails up past the Soccer Fields 2 and the Softball field.
It is located
Underwood Road at Rochdale South.
A trail video is coming soon.

To locate the Underwood Park trails, turn into the Underwood Park precinct and follow the bitumen 40 k zone, right through to the end.
This area does not have a vast network of trails, but don’t let that put you off. The trails that are here are fun and present some good technical features.
Underwood Park would be a great area to come and practice your ‘skills’, and If you link all the trails together there is said to be around 7-8 klms of trails in this area.
If you are looking for a longer ride, you could easily link into the Daisy Hill network by riding directly across Underwood Road and up into Daisy Hill.

Within the park there are toilet facilities and water.

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The photos below shows you some of the trails and features located within Underwood Park.